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I recently gotten a bug bite on my arm and I don't know what the heck bitten me or how to treat it. It looks similar to the two bite marks my mother has on her arm too. They aren't bumpy...just a dark red circle and it seems to grow after a while. For me it looked like any mosquito bite when I noticed it. It was small and a little itchy.

But the next day it change becoming darker and increasing in size, looking excatly just like my mother's bite marks. And on the third day it's grew just a bit and is still itchy if I touch it. Hm, best way to describle it is that it looks like someone heated a quater and burned it into my arm but it doesn't hurt. It just looks like it. Can anyone help?


The best thing you can do at this point is to just get some sort of calomine lotion. It would help you out with the symptoms but there's nothing elsey ou can do about the bite. What part of the country do you live in?