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Around Thanksgiving 2011 I began hanging with my African friends.  One night sleeping I felt a really sharp and pinching "bite" on the surface of my right foot under my covers that woke me instantly and began to instantaneously itch profusely.  I scratched until it felt I almost scratched my skin off.  For the next two or three days the itch remained intense, was red and was easily irritated.  Also, a few days later my African friend informed me he had bedbugs in his apartment to which I was horrified.  I had my landlord send pest control to my one-year old apartment complex and check for bedbugs in addition to bombing my apartment twice with pesticides myself.  Pest Control informed me they found no trace of bedbugs to my relief, because I was convinced (through my own ignorance) that I had been bitten by a bedbug.  I later researched all about bedbugs, but even after about a week and a half, my African friends became worried stating to me that bedbug bites do not behave in such a way and that my case was not normal.

By that time, the itch on my foot was subsiding but left a very ugly black mark that looked literally like two fang marks.  I contributed it to a spider bite.  However, a week later, random red round spots appear on my skin intermittently and then a day or two later they become raised red welts and itch worse than mosquito and chigger bites.  They are very interfering and when scratching nothing else at that moment matters in my world.  These welts also follow the same pattern that my initial foot bite had, leaving residual black marks all over me, I even had one on my face.  They've been EVERYWHERE, and are still "growing" leaving the trail behind of black discolorations.  I went to the ER about two weeks ago after ruling out scabies, bed bugs, dust mites and any other bug bite from researching online, but the ER only treated me for scabies even though the physician said she didn't think it was scabies either (mind you, I had not mentioned scabies).  They didn't test me, just looked at my marks and treated me for what they thought it was not.

They put me on steroids, benadryl (that merely made me drowsy, not even enough to make me sleep to forget about the relentless itch) and a scabicide cream that I am to apply every 14days.  Before going to the ER I had been self-medicating with Camphonique, triple antibiotic ointment and also hydrocortizone cream (which seemed to fuel the itching).  Once the steroids wore off from half-life residue, the itchy round red welts returned with a vengeance.  Now I am suffering even more, with more black marks everyday to the point where I found myself wishing I owned a long-sleeve shirt today and grateful it is the winter because it looks like I am getting beat and bruised.  The itching spots are ruthless and become more active at night but is not partial to just the evening, don't get me wrong.  Also, the spots on my fingers hurt so much I actually cried the other night the pain woke me out of my sleep and against my will it hurt and itched at the same time so I scratched and it hurt worse.  The itching demands attention, no matter what I am doing, it wakes me wide awake to the point I'm compelled to go and get a piece of ice to apply to the spot because NOTHING else soothes the itching.  Putting the ice on the itchy spot helps A GREAT deal, but to my horror, the ice MELTS at A TREMENDOUSLY FAST RATE.  

I've scheduled an appointment (in December) for February the 8th for a dermatologist.  I'm TRULY hoping I can get an answer as to what this condition is, and hopefully some treatment.  I wouldn't wish this ailment on anybody.  In the meantime, I really need to find something that helps the pain and itch, and hopefully if anybody reading this is going through or has gone through these same sequence of events, please enlighten me.  

I find nothing on the internet that parallels what I am going through.  Please help me..

Thank you for taking the time to read my issue...


I'm having the same issue. Please, let me know if you found out the problem.