Hey, just thought I would post my story on here since I read pretty much every post before my surgery and I believe it helped me a ton! So here it goes:

Day 1
I was a complete wreck going into surgery because it was my first one and I'm a extremely hospital-phobic and I have not even had a blood test since I was a baby. I got changed into the horrific gown but I refused to take off my underwear seeing as I was not in my own private room it was a room with at least a dozen other beds and it just seemed weird to walk around with my butt exposed... anyways so they started putting the monitors on me and that's when I really started to panic and cry but the nurses were really nice and made me feel better. Then I got the IV in my hand which was not as bad as I was expecting at all. I waited for about an hour and then they gave me relaxing drugs and wheeled me to the operating room. The drugs they gave me were pretty nice I have to admit because at that point was I kind of enjoying myself. Then they gave me the anesthesia and told me to picture myself on a tropical island and then I was out! 
I remember waking up still on the operating table after they were finished and I vaguely remember throwing up and then going back to sleep. When I woke up again I was in the recovery room and I was given a popsicle and some water. I would say my pain level was only at about a 5. I stayed for about 45 minutes after that and then I left. Thankfully I was not nauseous on the way home or once I got home. I just went right to bed and kind of drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the day/night. 

Day 2-3
I experienced INTENSE aches and full body pain for three days after my surgery. Not sure if that's normal for everyone but I called the doctor and she said it was due to the effects of the anesthesia and the way my body was positioned during the surgery. This was very painful and I pretty much stayed in bed the whole time. The pain medicine that I was given was a liquid mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone and I was given an antibiotic as well. The pain reliever didn't do much for my aches but my throat didn't hurt at all. I was able to eat soup and mac and cheese.

Day 4-6
This is where the whole experience gets really bad. I guess my scabs started to form because at this point my throat pain is at like a 8-10 the entire day. Because of this I cannot eat and taking pain killers on an empty stomach has been making me throw up constantly. Even when I am able to take the pain killers it still doesn't help the pain enough where I can actually eat so I haven't eaten for about three days. When I woke up this morning I literally felt like I was dying the pain was SO bad. I would definitely recommend waking up in the middle of the night just to take your pain medicine and then go back to sleep. 
Even as I'm typing this I'm sitting next to my toilet because of how bad the nausea is. Not trying to scare you, just being honest...
Also, the start of day 4 is when it became too painful to talk. 
I'm currently on day 6 so I'll post back in a few days and let you guys know how I'm continuing to recover. 

Here are some tips:
- Go to the market before your surgery and get a ton of yummy drinks. I did this as an incentive for me to drink more because I don't drink enough to begin with so I had to come up with a way to get myself to drink throughout the day. 
- Get a cool-mist humidifier. I bought mine on amazon for only like $40 and it's helped a lot. You'll need it to keep your throat from getting dry while you're asleep. 
- Don't try to do it alone. I had my boyfriend move in with me and he's been great. You'll just be too tired and high off pain killers to take care of yourself. 
- Get a snow cone machine. This really saved me especially while I haven't been able to eat anything. I also bought this on Amazon for only like 40 dollars including all the syrups. Feels really great on my throat.
- Get some books and magazines to keep yourself occupied because you are probably not going to leave the house for a week.