Hi in 1998 i had a fusion of C4-5-6 i had to take 6 weeks off and did feel better but then the muscles around the incision hurt real bad and the NS wanted me to walk up to 1/2 mile a day then i could go back to work , but still was hurting so they had me get a neck massage twice a week very soft massage at first i had to tell the massage therapy what hurt and what didnt. But after about 3 months having that twice a week i finally was out of pain but after the massages i had to ice then heat it felt great for !5 years. Now next week, i have 3 bulging disks now C3-4. &C6-7 so they are doing a cervical lamectomy posterior i have neck pain and bad shoulder pain but for the most after the massage i felt 95% for 15 years. But i want to get out of pain and know it will help, so thats why i am getting surgery again and by the same doctor so dont get discouraged get massages!