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Good morning. I wanted to see if I can get some clarity from a medical expert. I am a 32 yeara old male and have been with the same women for 10 years no stray on either side. For some reason over the last 2 years I have come down with this fear that I have been living with hiv for years. So here are my questions. Over the last 10 years I have been healthly. My wife became pregnant in 2010 and lost the baby. She was tested for hiv and was negative. She is pregnant now and about to give birth and was tested again and again was negative. I had my first blood test (CBC) at the end of 2011 and all was normal. In fact my white blood cells were 11900. The doctor said if I had untreated hiv for that long my blood counts would be way off in the other direction. Is this true? And also after 2000 or more unprotected sexual encounters with my wife would she likely have had it. Please help me boardering insanity.


Dear Vinny, I think you are ok sir. I say I think your ok because I don't know how long you think you might have gotten HIV. HIV is complex due to the warning signs, it generally takes about 6 months to a year for the viral load to start affecting your immune system(this isn't the case for all though, some people don't experience symptoms for years). Most people fear they have HIV if they experience low immunity, so they go into a panic and don't deal with it the right way. Suppressed immune system is a sign of HIV, but just because you get sick doesnt mean HIV. I know how you feel though, I exposed myself to someone with HIV and am waiting for the day when my test comes back positive. So being paranoid is a reasonable feeling, but only if you feel like you have exposed yourself. The only way to know is to go and get tested. Go to your city health clinic, most are free, and request a STI/HIV test. Remember they are nurses and doctors and cannot release your information or judge you. They are their to make people aware so they can be treated and not spread disease and infection. To answer your question about what the doctor said, he is exactly right. HIV attacks your helper T cells (white blood cells) and after those die, they take a long time to regenerate. So after a course of time of untreated HIV those white blood cell counts would be low, hence the symptoms of suppressed immune system. Lastly, if your wife tested negative then you havent given it to her. HIV is carried in the blood and in sperm, so by you getting her pregnant your sperm has already been inside her. With that being said if you had given her HIV then it would of progressed inside her body much quicker because when a woman becomes pregnant her immune system becomes strained. If you had given her HIV then her tests would have been positive. So like I said Vinny, I think your ok, but I know going to get tested and seeing the test come back negative would put your worries to rest. I'm no doctor but I am someone who is actually going through the process of having HIV so I know a little about it. Hope it helps