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About a month ago I had drunken sex with a new partner. I meant to use a condom but I was drunk. A couple weeks later I had a strange purple spot like rash on my chest, I was super tired for more than a week with muscle ache, chills, weird crawly feelings in my hands and feet. For the last two weeks my throat got swollen and hurt a lot right where the lymph thingys are. This got worse combined with headache, white patches on the back of my tongue some morning when I woke and the entire day my tongue was a bit whiter than normal. I had no appetite and my belly wasn't happy much. I started losing feeling in my palms and souls of my feet. Most nights in these two weeks I couldn't sleep well or through the night and more than once I woke up in a puddle from night sweats. The area where my thyroid is was sore and my immune system felt over worked. I was really scared. I thought I had HIV and my life was over.

I waited the extra few days for a month since that drunken night, went to the clinic and got a quick test. Negative! I got tested for syphilis and a bunch of other std, nothing. I just had a no name virus and the anxiety that it could be HIV made me even sicker from me searching the net for HIV symptoms that I could have. I asked the nurse and the people that test Positive normally have no symptoms. So if you have symptoms it is a reason not to worry.

I thought about it, if I was positive, my life wouldn't change much for the next ten years. I would use condoms for a different reason till then. The aids medication would be expencive and the oppotunist sicknesses would be annoying. Stop worrying, get tested and take care in the future to reduce your risk of getting HIV.

Good Luck
Hypo (no longer ;)


Please get your self re-tested every 3 moths