Hi there, 

I really need some help. I have seen a doctor and recently been diagnosed with PCOS. My problem is that after diagnosing me my doctor has not done much about my pain in the lower right abdomen / pelvis. I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy which diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer which explain the pain in the upper stomach but I still have a bad pain when I press on my lower right abdomen. 

Furthermore, I have gained around 10kgs unexplained and this isn't stopping and I am constantly bloated with no explanation why. I have irregular periods and always have but this could be due to PCOS but the bloating and pain are new over the last 4 weeks. Ive seen my doctor a few times and don't want to seem stupid going in and asking for further testing to rule out ovarian cancer. I am on a wait list for a colposcopy but that is not for ovarian cancer. 

Please help!