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Im really confused and doctors are not much help atm :( I am 8 weeks since I last I had a period meaning I have missed 1 period and have not received my 2nd. I have done 2 hpt both negative and a blood test also negative. I have this morning had sickness, tummy very uncomfortable, pinching and shooting pains in uterus now and again, cervix so high I cant even touch it and also headaches everyday along with giddy spells but thats it as far as symptoms. My doctor told me she isnt concerned until 7 periods are missed :/ ive had no spotting either just very confused. Just looking for advice or information if anyone has had negative bloods and been pregnant and if my story matches theres at all etc anything will be helpful im not at all stressed im just confused :(



I'm so sorry your doctor is not taking you seriously! Although missed periods, including "no period, negative test" situations like yours are often nothing to worry about, they can occasionally be a sign of something more serious, including things like endometriosis, PCOS, and even ovarian cancer. 

You have pains and headaches and no period. That's not nothing. Please find another doctor. You deserve to be diagnosed properly. Chances are that you find out there is nothing seriously wrong, but you have the right to know. Your symptoms sound debilitating and not at all like something anyone should live with!