I'm 23 years old and 16 days ago I had sex with my boyfriend we didn't use protection and he didn't pull out, and now (16 days later) I'm having little headaches my nipples are tender But my breasts are not and I'm very moody I cry alot and I never cry (even at the movie notebook) and I'm mean and everything gets on my nerves. Food makes me want to throw up on some days and then others I'm really hungry. I also had cramps about 7-8 days after the sex but no bleeding.. But here is the problem I only have my period once or twice a year in January and febuary I haven't had it yet this year and it's due arround this time of the month. I don't want to go get a HPT cause they cost so much and i don't want to spend the money unless I am pretty sure I'm pregnant.. So can anyone help me? PleaseCode: