Many women postpone their motherhood in the chase of the career believing that they will be able to get pregnant after the age of thirty-five. However, the chances of becoming pregnant after the age of 35 significantly decrease and in the end, these women end up not being able to conceive naturally.

This is where the new kit comes in. This fertility test has just been put in sale and is designed to measure hormone levels in women’s blood. The results will enable them to count how long they can postpone getting pregnant.

The new fertility kit costs £179 and it should become available at the chemists and private clinics this year.

What does the kit exactly do? It measures the number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries and compares this number to the expected level. According to this assessment, a woman will then be able to predict her ovarian reserve for the following two years and see how much time she has left.

The kit is called “The Plan Ahead” test and it sounds promising for both women and the manufacturers.