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Hi there,
My partner and i have decided its the right time to start a family. I was wondering when is the best time during the month to start trying. I have a consistant 33 day cycle, so on what days during this cycle, do we have the best chance of getting pregnant.



I guess the best moment to start trying would be the ovulation period. The chances of getting pregnant during that period are highest. The fertile period starts about 4-5 days before ovulation, and ends about 1-2 days after. Usually here is a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant each cycle that is 75 to 85 percent of getting pregnant within one year.
So, the most important thing is to evaluate when your ovulation due is. The most common used method is counting days. Count back 12 to 16 days from the date when next period is due. Maybe you can buy the ovulation kit, that could be of help.
The other way to find out the right time to “start trying” is body temperature. During ovulation, the body temperature can rise 0.5 to 1.6 degrees. You wouldn’t be able to feel it, but you can detect it by using basal thermometer. The best time to get pregnant is in the two or three days before your temperature hits its high point. Some think that you have the additional 12 to 24 hour window of fertility but most think that by that time it’s too late to make a baby.
About 1/5 of women can really feel ovulatory activity. This is usually manifested by mild aches to twinges of pain in the lower abdomen. This can also be a indicator for the “right time”.