Hi.5 years ago I felt in the park.broke my skull,was in the hospital for 2 weeks.since then I have awful headaches.I have try everything nothing works.I have had the same MD all along.On 11/9/9 I had to leave work early,my left arm was hurting me and the only thing I could think of was that maybe I hurt myself playing twister with my kids that weekend.I run everyday at least 2 miles and practice yoga 2/week.I came home try to rest but by midnight my husband took me to the ER,they took and XR and ditermine that I had a pinch nerve and a herniate disk.the Md sent me to my md to get an MRI and recommended me to have surgery. Next day I went to my Md who sent me to physical therapy by then I was in so much pain I would done anything.in pt the therapist said"I may hurt more than what I can help"I didn't come back and went back to see my MD.had to fight to get an mRi RX and he sent me home with no pain killer.very long weekend.by 11/22 I was seen a NS and by 12/4 I had ACDF c5-6.I'm home since 12/5 and I'm worry that I rush.did I made a mistake?my left side pain is 90%better and I'm walking around with help,the pain is not that bad like it was prior but I'm still worry how is this decision going to affect my kids life if I'm not the same? Thx ?