I'm 29 year old male and I was suffering from numbness/burning sensation/weakness in my right leg, a bit of weakness in left leg too and very mild tingling in my right hand (little finger/ring finger) since last six months. Symptoms got worst with time and in April my doc recommended surgery. I had both Lumbar and Cervical MRI and doc didn't find anything unusual in Lumbar but sever spinal cord compression at C5-C6. With this he concluded that cause of my symptoms is this compression and i believed in his conclusion and decided to go for the surgery. Now i have two questions:

Q1. I'm 1 1/2 weeks post surgery but numbness in legs is still there as worst as it was before the surgery. Is is normal as I read everywhere that patients get instant relief after the surgery?

Q2. With no sign of recovery and what i read so far about symptoms of cervical disc decease that for most cervical disc pateints, their problems are either are in neck or in arms. but surprising for me, most of my problems are in legs. How common is it to relate cervical disc decease to legs, if at all? I just want to make sure that i'm properly diagnosed here.

Many thanks for your replies.

P.S. i'm doing very well otherwise after surgery. No other issues :-)

Best Regards,