It is already known that botox can help to get rid of wrinkles and laughter lines but researchers found in new study that it can also help to regain control over involuntary bladder contractions. This procedure is performed by injecting Botox or botulinum toxin A into numerous places in the bladder. Toxin reacts by releasing chemical that has ability to cause muscles to contract. Treated muscle may become paralyzed or weakened but other muscles can function normally.

Muscle squeezing of the bladder are caused because damaged nerves send signals to the bladder in the wrong time. Botox can help in preventing these muscles of the bladder to contract and stop urinary frequency and urgency. Researchers say that this finding can help improving bladder function in great number of patients for a period up to nine months.

Although it is not yet officially confirmed that this treatment is approved in U.S. international physicians had used botox in treating conditions of lower urinary tract. Researchers are still conducting clinical trials and the result will show if the treatment will be excepted for urological conditions.