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I have been having nipple discharge for about 5 months now. It doesn't come out freely, but when i squeeze my breast (the right one) it comes out. Its not just a little, it squirts out.. When this first started, i thought maybe I was pregnant, but that was in June, and clearly, i'm not.. I do have one child, but he is almost 4 years old.. I tried breast feeding him, but my milk dried up when he was 2 weeks old. I'm really scared.. By the way its milky clear colored, and slightly sticky.. I don't have insurance.. Can someone please offer me advice?.. Tell me what you really think.. Please dont sugar coat it.


Hi there

If you have had a successful pregnancy and breastfed your baby, it is easier to lactate for the second time. It is all about stimulating the breast, especially the nipples. If you keep on doing it, you may experience full scale lactation - though I know this differes from woman to woman.

If you are on medication that can trigger lactation, then consult your doctor for a re-evaluation of your case. Some birth control pills too have a similar effect. Do visit a doctor for correct diagnosis.

In the meanwhile wear a proper bra, see that clothing does not rub on nipples. If all of this does not affect your daily routine, consider donating milk at a human milk bank nearby - it may save a life. Good luck