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Hello. I'm having a problem with my left nipple. I think it's normal for nipples to itch from time to time but my left nipple is always the one that's itchy. Everytime it itches, i scratch it with my shirt. But since im afraid to totally hurt it, i use alcohol to ease the itchiness. Two weeks ago i noticed that my left nipple started to look flaky and i peeling. I got scared. I dont know what happened. Maybe it is so sensitive it gets irritated when im not wearing a bra at home since i wear baggy shirts at home. I concluded that maybe my nipple became dry because of the alcohol. So i did not anymore put any on it. I thought this would just pass but it's still flaky right now. Huhu. It's been two weeks and im scared. Im scared of getting nipple infections or whatever. Help me please.


Hi there

If your nipple has become flaky, use Lanolin cream to soften and correct the area. Please check on your diet too. Applying alcohol will only aggravate dryness of the area. It may take some time to resolve the issue. Whenever you get the feel to itch, instead of itching, take a warm compress and apply over your nipple area. This will soothe the area. Good luck