Hello! This is probably an odd topic.

I'm a 19 year old girl, not pregnant, hasn't had sex (so basically a virgin), I don't exercise (so no sports bra).  There has been this weird...itchy patch, not even the size of a dime, on my nipple.  It's not bright red.  I have no discharge (unless it's incredibly itchy, then it's a clear to a milky yellow discharge), no lumps, nothing.  I have had this itch for approximately...5 - 6 months.  It's not even a severe itch.  It barely itches.  Maybe once every week.  And when it does start itching, it's easy to stop.  I just don't scratch it (which takes an immense amount of will...).  I have gone to a doctor about it and she prescribed me hydrocortisone 1%.  Told me to use it for 2 weeks and it should be gone.  I did just that and it stopped itching for a good 3 days.  Then, I guess, I didn't take care of myself or something and it started itching again.

How it started:

Well, I stupidly put one of my dirty bras back into my drawer of clean ones and wore it again.  I noticed after taking a shower that there was this dry patch on my nipple.  It itched a little but was nothing too severe.  I could just lightly swipe my finger over it and it'd stop itching.  I left it alone, thinking it was just dry skin.  I did think about the dirty bra I mistakingly wore for another 3 days (I always where my bras for 3 days and then it goes into the wash), so that makes it a total of 6 days.  I dismissed it, however, and left it alone.  A couple weeks later, the "dryness" and itchiness did intensify so I decided to put some of Neutrogena's hand creme on it.  The difference was immense.  It stopped itching almost altogether and the skin started to heal.  

Well! It didn't seem to heal completely, so I finally went to a doctor after a month of this dry patch discovery.  She gave me a thorough breast/lump exam and found nothing.  Told me it was probably my bra chafing and infecting my breast.  Prescribed hydrocortisone 1% to me and sent me on my merry way.  It has now been 5-6 months from the discovery point, I have been doing weekly and, what I consider thorough, breast/lump exams.  Even checking my armpits.  Nothing.  The patch hasn't grown or shrunk in any shape or form.  It hasn't spread at all.  Nothing hurts.  So I'm curious...what could it be.  

I have done research on Paget's Disease and Breast Cancer.  Trust me, once you find something that weird on your breast you gotta do your research.  And after going to the doctor's, I'm feeling somewhat secure.  Thanks in advance!