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Hello, I'm 15, almost 16 and for the past year I have had swollen nipples, and it feels like it's water in them. But under my nipples there is a hard thing. It's under both nipples. My left one doesn't hurt any more when pressure is applied. But my right one on the other hand hurts extremely bad when you apply pressure. What ever is under my nipple and that's hard is a lot bigger then my left one. It hurts so much and I'm scared of to what it could be. If anyone knows what to do please let me know ASAP. Or if I need to schedule a doctors appointment. Only someone who knows what it is, contact me!  reply to this and I'll check it in a daily. Thanks! 

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Hi there

You are still in your growing up years and lumps are not a major concern at your age. Some medications too cause them to appear. Sometimes they synchronize with your periods. Meanwhile do not squeeze it unduly, it may hurt more. But, do conduct a self breast exam - you can watch videos on youtube and websites elsewhere. Note all changes and discharge from nipples. If it really hurts badly, please do visit a doctor with your observations. Meanwhile do wear proper sized supportive bra. Good luck