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Back in September, I noticed a lil white fluid on my nipple. At first, I thought it was lint, as I had just taken my shirt and bra off to go to bed, but when i tried to remove it, it was liquid. I squeezed my breasts and more came out. A day later I went to the hospital, they said it was normal and would go away. A few months later I noticed the liquid was brown, clear and milky white. Went to the clinic, heard the same thing. The past few days, when I squeeze my breasts, the liquid squirts out a tiny bit. However, tonight...its been squirting out very far and for a long time. I've never been pregnant, I am not pregnant now and I don't know exactly what could be the cause of this. But I really don't think it's normal for breasts to be squirting liquid. Any women out there ever have this happen to them? SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY PLEASE!!!


Hello Cici,

It is perfectly normal to have fluid coming out of your nipples.  They told you right.  Some women experience this more than others.  This is natures way of keeping the milk ducts clear and open.  So, it's like a cleansing action.  You don't need to worry about this but if it's a fair amount of liquid you might want to put a tissue (something absorbent) in your bra if you wear one so that doesn't show through on your shirt.  Now, if you see blood or green/blue discharge this is cause for alarm.  This may mean you have an infection or possible tumor.  Then you need to go to the doctor.  Hope that was helpful.