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I've been on the pill for about 9 months now. I forgot to take one active pill but took it as soon as i remembered. that night i had unprotected sex and after the sex i took my next pill at the regular time. I havent missed any pills since, but now i have thick creamy yellowish white discharge with the occasional pink from blood in it. this is extremely unusual for me.
is it possible that...?
1) im pregnant and im still using the pill (shouldnt be since i only missed 1?)
2) sexual activity has now messed with my vagina so diff. discharge is coming out?
3) have an std, where no irritation is involved but discharge is funny?

Please help, any advice is welcome. thanks


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You won’t know anything for sure until you have yourself checked.
The chances of ovulation due to one missed pill and another one taken regularly are minimal.
The thick creamy yellowish discharge reminds me of the discharge that I always experience when I take the morning pill, so it could be because you took two pills at different time frame.
I don’t think it is an STD, the discharge usually smells bad when there’s either an STD or yeast infection but some STD’s don’t cause symptoms at all.

Now, we could be talking about this on and on but the only proper thing to do is have yourself checked because untreated infections could progress and cause even more damage. Why expose ourselves to complications if all infections are easily treated?

Once again, I doubt you are pregnant but see a doc anyway!