For almost a year now I've been going through hel with my vagina at this point I just want a new one. So where do I start. March of last year I took plan b had crazy side effects for about 3 months, bleeding discharge and mood swings. I do not take birth control. The longer I had the symptoms I believed it to be an std so I went to a free clinic and tested positive for be and anal clymidia. Took flagyl and azithromocin also fluconazole for yest. I think this is where I truly went wrong. My NORMAL vagina discharge is daily, clear, and watery. I've had it my whole life. I took theses medications and the normal duscharge went away and my vagina was perfect. At some point from then to now something went wrong. I started dating my new boyfriend and even before we were actually intimate I noticed a change in my vaginal appearance..the opening to my vigils used to be it looks as if something has eaten away at it like a little microorganism or something. And I started to get brown discharge at this time too then it turned into a monster a thick white creamy discharge that started off chunky and liquids and would get all over my partner and I with a bitter taste and no smell. I went to the hospital and tested negative for yeast and stds and the doctor had the nerve to tell me that this discharge I was experiencing was normal. I know my body. I know it's not normal. so I've been doing a lot of research to get to the bottom of this. I've come up with everything under the sun. Vitiman D deficiency, probiotics, doxycycline, penicillin. Azithromicin, florajen, metrocanazole, preeseed, baking soda, peroxide, vibager. Nothing is getting rid of this. All temporary fixes. I need help I can't keep going on like this. Im thinking it might be CV or genital mycoplasma or some type of vaginal wall shedding because when I rub the discharge together if crumbs up like dead skin. Lord help me!