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I am 17 I have not had my period in 5 months now, there is a chance that I could be pregnant, but I dont show it (my belly is not popped out) however I have gained about 20 pounds. Also, I have had a vaginal discharge since I was about 12, and I have been treated for it before but it never goes away. Can a vaginal issue like this affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test???? cuz I took one yesterday..and when  + | is possitive and - | is negative...I got the possitive..I THINK..only the horizontal line was extremely faint......

PLEASE!!  Any advice???????????????????????????????



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If there is any line in the positive spot (no matter how faint) there is a high probabillity that you are pregnant. also you saying that you havent had a period in 5 months and gained 20 lbs thats also a good sign that you are, everyone shows differently. Go to a clinic and get tested by a dr. as soon as possible. although if you read the test past 1hr there is a chance that the faint positive line could just be an evaporation line but i still sugest going to a clinic as soon as possible.