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My girlfriend and I had sex the day after her period ended. Later that month her boobs became sensitive on the side not the nipples. She had taken 4 or 5 pregnancy test and they all came out negative. She had her period, ( which she was never even late for. It started on the day it was supposed to) she had her period for two days which is normal for her. But then she took two more test and one was positive and the next one was negative. So she had 6 negative tests and 1 positive. Could she still be pregnant? Even though she started on the day she was supposed to and all those tests were negative.


Hi Guest,

If she had a normal period, it is unlikely she is pregnant - but, false positive pregnancy tests are rare.  Were the results "clear" or was it a "faint" line???

When she tests, she MUST use only her very first morning urine, wake up pee, for the best accuracy.