Hello, just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation.

I've been on Yasmin for over a year and a half and although it makes you abit mental it clears up my skin really well. I also tricycle it - so I take 3 packs in a row then have a period (only 4 periods a year rather than 12) which two doctors have said is absolutely fine to do.

The problem is the last few periods I've taken after stopping the pill I've come onto my period in one to two days time but this time I think I did 3 and a bit packs then stopped and I haven't started my period for 4 days D: I took a period because I was abit worried about being pregnant and wanted to check because my tummy was feeling unusually firm and swollen, with tender breasts etc. And seeing as I may not have had a period for 3 to 4 months I could be quite pregnant without knowing!

I shall test tomorrow morning to make sure.
Anyone got any input? Could I be pregnant?