So up until the end of July I was on the pill, I had been for two years straight.
When I came off I had a 'period' as usual and all was well. That finished on the 1st of August having only lasted 3 days where my periods usually last 7.
I haven't had a period since then and I know it was not due to pregnancy as I've had 3 negative tests, I think it's because my body is getting back into it's natural cycle and this takes a while for some women. :-)
But here's the thing:
3 days ago my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom and didn't realise it had broken until it was too late and he had ejaculated in me. And he didn't pull it out straight away because I was erm..finishing off shall we say.
So this worries me because 1. He came inside me
2. I had an orgasm after it which I've been told dips the cervix into the sperm.
3. Having not had a period I can't be sure if my body is 'normal' at the moment - ie. whether I will have been ovulating or not.

So my question is what is the likelihood of me ovulating when my cycle hasn't gotten itself back together again so to speak? I would think I haven't because no period = no unfertilised egg in my mind but having said that I'm not pregnant either.
This is all so confusing and I would REALLY appreciate some help.
Thanks. x