So I had 2 periods in Jan. 1 in the beginning of the month and the other towards the end. I've never had this happen before. In feb. I had a normal 4 day period at the end of the month. March came and I didn't have a period. Now it's April 12 and I just started spotting pink maybe 3 days ago but only when I wipe after urinating. I'm thinking that I may be pregnant but I have no symptoms (maybe a little fatigue), home tested negative and I havent had intercourse since early feb. My first pregnancy (I have a 4yr old boy) was terrible. I was sick all the time. I had an abortion last year and was sick as soon as I found out then so I'm doubting pregnancy but it's still in the back of my mind. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any type of insight or has had a similar experience. Thanks