OK, I never had a problem with low platelets... a month ago, during routine blood tests, they were 250. 4 days ago I had to have blood retaken for something else and they were 34 so my Dr said to go to emergency immediately... she was afraid they were dropping drastically. I went and today they were 91 and the emergency room Dr said it could be caused by meds, an infection I am recovering from (I feel fine however) and can be stress (I have alot of that). Otherwise, all tests fine, including other blood, and I am not sick, bruised or anything like that. I do have chronic fatigue syndrome since 1987, 3 bouts that debilitated me, out of work for 6 months each time. The CFS went into remission each of 3 episodes and I got back to work after 6 months of on leave. The last episode was 3 years ago. I have low thyroid that is being treated and just had my dosage changed (strengthened) about 10 days ago. I have osteoporosis and am on med for that. I take an anti-viral pill for past 3-1/2 years to control CFS (Amantadine) and the day I have the blood work when results came back at 34, I had an IV vitamin C and B-12 drip since I hadn't had one in about a year and was a little tired/stressed. This is another treatment by my CFS Dr. I wondered if the Amantadine or IV vitamin drip (done about 1-1/2 hrs before the blood) might have done something to the test. Don't know since 4 days later still low at 91. I will call my physician to give her my results and see next step. Any comments for me pls? It is weird since this has never happened to me before. Except for CFS bouts, osteoporosis and low thyroid, I am healthy. Thank you.