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So I've had large swollen Lymph Nodes on my neck (the ones under my Jaw line) and one on the side of my neck that you can see for almost a year. I noticed them swollen after I had a chest infection last December.

I've gone to my family doctor numerous times over the past 11 months saying I am not feeling well with the following symptons:

swollen lymph nodes,

extreme fatigue - which doesn't get better with rest (some days at work I feel like I was drugged and it takes everything to stay awake), 

horse voice,

popping ears (which drive me crazy!) 

feeling of restriction around neck from the inside,

I am always freezing cold (even in the summer),

and I have low grade fevers but they come in bouts of a week here and there.

Other syptoms I never metioned to my doctor is choking on my food occasionaly, and itchyness (which just started more recently), a wierd tingleing pressure feeling underneath my eyes, and here and there for a period or a week or two I loose my appetite

Everytime I go to the doctor they just brush it off, saying its just an infection. A couple times they have sent me home with Anitbiotics, and nothing happens. I feel like they are thinking I'm crazy, but I feel so terrible and just want to feel normal again!

Oh, and I've had blood tests which show I am low in Iron and B12 - don't think this has anythign to do with it though.

So the last time I went to the clinic (a few weeks ago), I told him I'd like to see an ENT or someone for my ears that are always in pain and pop and that my Lymph Nodes are still swollen. So he tells me I should get an Ultrasound. Which I go do for the following week.

So yesterday I go back to the clinic to see my results and he tells me that they are clearly enlarged but look fine. They also did an Ultrasound on my Thyroid which he didn't mention in the appointment. He said maybe I'm sick with an infection or something and to go back in 3 months if they are still the same.

I dont know where to go from here. I feel let down that he doesnt want to help me feel better.

What should I do?

Thank you for your help :)


I had a similar experience years ago.  At first I was going to the Dr. with each new symptom and changed my primary Dr. 3 times.  Always being told "there's nothing wrong".  I did eventually find a Dr. who believed me, she was able to treat some of my individual symptoms, although there was still no diagnosis.  During the next 5  years of ongoing and new symptoms, I decided to stop going to the Dr.  If there is something to be concerned about, it will get worse.  And it did.  In 2007 I got my diagnosis and VALIDATION.

So, keep going to the Dr. and ask for something to relieve some of your symptoms, there may be more that one thing going on.  If you are not happy with the way you are being treated, find a new Dr.

Also, 2 years ago I had an ongoing, low grade fever [with all the aches that accompany a fever] which would occasionally spike.  Again "nothings wrong" at my reg Dr. twice to urgent care and once to the emergency room.  I was finally diagnosed with a middle ear infection and was given IV antibiotics followed by strong antibiotics [Z-pack].  It took 4 weeks but my persistence and tenacity paid off.

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