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I have had surgery for a multinodular goiter in 1989. I had two "hot spot" nodules which they supressed before a subtotal thyroidectomy in 1998.

The whole gland grew back in 1995 and I was taken off synthroid which did NOT help to supress the growth of the new gland and since I had a fully functioning gland in 1995(complete growth of the left side, right side and the middle piece), the synthroid was giving me HYPER symptoms and so was taken off the synthroid since 1995. I have been fine since then without synthroid until a knee injury which caused an old knee injury to flare up and since 2003 I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease *which went undiagnosed for 5 years. ( I had the test at one month after the bullet rash and it was negative, given 20 days of antibiotics just to be safe, which I took).

Since 2003 when diagnosed with, I was treated for the lyme disease and at the same time had to have 6 teeth in my jaw pulled due to osteonecrosis of the jaw (even though I've been to the dentist every 3-6 months for cleanings since I was a kid and was always told I have very little plaque and was a good flosser). Anyway, it appears the 4 wisdom teeth that were removed when I was 12 years old harbored some bacteria that built up and I suppose with the stress of the knee injurys, broke out and went into my bloodstream and made me quite sick. (severe excruitiating headaches, face numbness on the right side, painful ear on the right side, bulging eye on the right side)

So I was being treated for lyme disease and the osteonecrosis and then I got the shingles on top of that (on my abdomen). Needless to say I was in so much pain, nobody really knew what was causing the face, neck and head and ear pain, the lyme, osteonecrosis or the shingles. Perhaps it was all that same? or some other bacteria or thyroid problem?

Then I had about 5 attacks of acute thyroid episodes where my heart would race to 115 beats per minute and I would get really hot from the neck up. I felt like I was going to die or explode literally.

Since then, I did have a lab diagnosis from a bllood test of thyrotoxicosis. And before that blood test, my thyroid dr. suspected that I had a mild case of Graves Disease.

Here's my problem: What is the difference between Graves Disease and Thyrotoxicosis and Hashimotos?

Now that the osteonecrosis of the jaw and Lyme disease and shingles are all under control or gone, I am now if not on antibiotics getting this same but milder reaction in my brain.

After two days of being off the antibiotics(for a sinus infection), I feel some electricity in my brain (in the area exactly as if I were to wear a yamaca on my head). It first feels like electricity, then a warming sensation, then I start to get warm in my face and a little numb on my right side of the face. But the weird part is my right eye still feels like it is bulging out and it hurts. It lasts for days or weeks, then eventually the swelling goes down and the pain and bulging subsides.

According to my thyroid test of recently I am now at the LOW end of things and am diagnosed with Low thyroid and they want me to try some synthroid to see if that will give me some energy.

I'm a little afraid to try it as in 1995 when I took it, before the end where I was taken off it, it would make my heart race and I'd get hot and flushed and have to lay down until it passed. Sometimes it would feel like I would throw up or I would get "the runs" all of a sudden. (Different from the symptoms I have been experiencing since 2003)

Can anyone explain any of this? Are these symptoms with the head and slight fever 98.9 or 99.1 and the other facial symptoms a part of thyroitoxicosis?

PS I'm trying to get an appointment with a head and neck dr. at John's Hopkins but I was just wondering in the meanwhile the difference between all these thyroid diseases.

Please respond if you can. I know it's confusing. For me too!

Many thanks,



I was diagnosed with Hashimotos six months ago. It took them ages to find out what the matter is.
For a very long time I felt so weak, and fatigued. I didn’t feel like getting out of the bed in the morning, go to work but I had to. My productivity at work wasn’t as high as before. I had no enthusiasm and will to work. I contributed this to the emotional crisis I was going through.
Then I developed a lump in my throat, which started to bother me. Usually later at night it would give me problems with breathing and it would be hard for me to swallow. And above all, my throat started to hurt as if I was having a cold. I went to see a GP and she gave me an antibiotic, and vitamin B. Antibiotic didn’t help and I went back again because my symptoms became even worse. She looked at me again, and told me the lump in throat was because I was nervous and tensed, there was nothing in my throat or lungs, and she sent me to see a ear, throat and nose doc. She said my tonsils needed to be taken out.

I did have a blood test but I forgot to bring that piece of paper when I saw my GP. I took the tonsils out, which did take away the pain in the throat but soon after I started swelling in my face. I put on weight, and was really devastated. My voice became hoarse, and I became cold intolerant. This was went I was sent to a thyroid hormone check and was found Hashimoto’s disease.

You said that your thyroid gland grew back after the surgery. How is that possible? Did the doctors tell you anything about it?


Yes it is unusual that my thyroid grew back. Only 1-5% of people have theirs grow back according to what my latest surgeon said. Some thyroid specialist say that it's very rare, less than 1% grow back, but my thyroid surgeon the last time I went said that the technology that was around when I had my first thyroidectomy (in 1989) did not have the ability to get off each cell and probably the old surgeon left a part of the back wall of the left side, right side and the middle of the thyroid and for some people with thyroid disease the thyroid tissue keeps growing even when trying to suppress it with synthroid supplementation. This was my case so my surgeon thinks with the second surgery that they could "scrape" off all the cells on the back walls this time and then it would not grow again. I am hoping this will be the case. My main concern is loosing my voice with the second surgery as there is apt to be a build up of scar tissue and I like to sing on the side.

Do you know the name of the test they used to diagnose your hashimotos?
How did they tell you to treat it? Will it ever go away?


I had a needle biopsy and another blood test.
My doctor said he wouldn’t treat it now but he would rather have me on surveillance for the time being. Although I experience fatigue sometimes and I gained some weight, the levels of thyroid hormones are not so impaired.

Hashimoto’s usually results in hypothyroidism. However, the doc told me I may even experience symptoms of hyperthyroid as the thyroid may come back to life temporarily. It is likely that I will experience shifts between hypo and hyper.

I heard, but haven’t checked my options yet, that there is a natural treatment, so I will concentrate on finding good info about it. Do you, maybe, have any information about this natural treatment?

When is your next surgery?


I was diagnosed thyroidtoxicosis a year ago. I had similar symptoms like your friend, and my doctor told me that the cause was unknown too. He said that hereditary and environmental factors influence this disease. Common environmental factors like smoking and stress may cause hyper activity of thyroid gland in some persons. But also both low and high intake of iodides may cause it.


I AM CURIOUS IF NANCEE33 IS STILL AROUND. My mother is experiencing the exact same thing you went through. Here thryoid now after 10 years is also growing back. If you are still here i would love to talk to you if you have the time. Thank you


Hello,I am 73 and since I was 25 I've been hypothyroid due to radioactive iodine treatments to correct hyperthyroidism. I've taken every type of thyroid hormone, choosing now to take Naturthroid 64.i8 mg daily. As I am getting older I find that I need less of the hormone. I have just come away from an episode of thyroitoxicosis, which is too much hormone circulating in the blood. I felt severe muscle aches in the shoulders and legs, prickly feeling in my scalp, hair loss and fatigue. Since reducing the dose, I feel better. It takes awhile to clear the system. Thyroiditis and Hashimotos are similar and are an autoimmmune response on the gland by your body. Alternative physicians treat this by balancing your immune system with probiotics, etc.