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my period ended a week ago now i am having white watery discharge i sometimes feel as tho i have wet myself i have experienced this before but that was years ago so why am i having it again now? i am not on bc and me and my partner have sex with out protection but he never cums unless he is wearing protection i  sex the day after my period ended and i have been having cramps all week and when i wiped mid week i had a drop of blood and now its just watery white discharge... is this normal or not??


Normal vaginal discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle. It goes from barely there to becoming stretchy, clear, and abundant when you are close to ovulation. Then, as you approach menstruation again, you may notice a thick, white discharge that is more creamy in consistency. 

I have heard that very watery discharge is more likely after exercising or sex, but also that eating too much sugar can be the cause. In any case, it's quite normal for women to have to wear a panty liner to feel clean. Some women really have a lot of vaginal discharge, without it being anything abnormal.