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the last few years i have been getting a liquidy discharge (kind of like my vagina is sweating) whenever it is hot out and it feels sooo uncomfortable.. u cant see it but whenever i look at my underwear there is a bit of white liquidy on it (i had a yeast infection about 2 weeks ago for my first time) but i dont think this is a yeast infection at all because it doesnt hurt or anything, its just annoying and if there is a cure for VAGINAL SWEATING then please tell me or should i just go to a docter and he will tell me ...



Do you happen to exercise a lot? Watery vaginal discharge is more usual after you have just exercised. In a way, it is just a sign that the vagina is cleaning itself. 

Some tips for you:

- Do not douche as that can disturb the vaginal flora. The vagina is self-cleaning. 

- Wear panty liners. 

- Perhaps try cutting down on sugar as I have heard that can lead to extra watery discharge. 

It is also good to keep in mind that normal vaginal discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle. You are likely to notice more white discharge at the beginning and end of the cycle, and clear, stretchy vaginal discharge when you are about to ovulate. Yellow discharge or green discharge is a sign of infection, even if there is no itching or burning.