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i am 6 weeks pregnant and considering abortion. My boyfriend doesnt want me to have the baby and he is all for it. growing up i was always against abortion, now that i am in this situation i have considered it, but im afraid i wont be able to live with this decision. ive always looked into adoption, but i know my family would never let me do that. i am 22 years old college grad. i am still living at home with my parents working part time and trying to find a job. the sad part is i grew up in a christian home and if i told my parents my situation i know they would want me to keep it. my boyfriend said he wouldnt want to be a part of it if i chose to have it, that HIS life would be ruin he wouldnt be able to finish school or even do what HE wants to do. i completely understand where he is coming from but im just scared and confused. i feel like im being pressured into doing something im not 100% sure i want to do. i cry just thinking about this. i need help i feel so alone. 


Hi Scared,

Ultimately it is your decision, not your boyfriends or your parents.  As you say "I'm afraid I won't be able to live with this decision."  

Unfortunately there are many posts to that effect on this forum.

Your boyfriend is denying responsibility.  He is obviously a part of this and needs to "man up."  His life won't be in ruin, he can still finish school, and can still do most of what he wants to do.  It's just a bit more difficult that's all.  He can keep working and even go to school nights if he has to.  If he was truly your boyfriend he would support you through this.

Adoption is possible.  Don't discount it.  

You can also raise this child if you choose.  Yes it will be more difficult without the father in the picture but that is his decision.  You can likely count on your parents help.

Talk to someone.  A friend or counselor that you can trust.

Good luck.



My husband and I are looking to adopt if you would like to choose that. I know it's been months but if you decide to give the baby up we would like to talk to you further thanks