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I have been waking up with a slight soreness in my throat and was starting to get scared. I was like ok it's been six weeks this shouldn't be happening right ? Well after reading some stories on here I guess what I am going through is normal phew ........ Here is my story :) I started smoking at 15 am 35 now, mother of 2 and married to an amazing man :) I smoked about 8-10 a day ( more if it was a drinking night or depended on who was around ). When I was 28 I had a medium tell me if I didn't quit smokeing by the time i was 35 my kids were going to miss me. So I tried and failed many times up until now. I finally put them down when I was having sharp pains in my head during and after every smoke, also I had a reaction to something and thought forsure I had oral cancer :( that experience was beyond scary ...... So I have quit and over the last 6 weeks I have had headaches, sore throat, tightness in my throat along with acid reflux, major sleepiness, ( never trouble sleeping I'm surprised) chest pain, throbing pain in my armpit ( anyone else ?) Massive kinks in my neck, slight and major back pain, stabbing pain in my ears. With every new symptom I have googled and convinced myself I have every cancer going, I am not and never have been a hypoconderact but quitting smoking is turning me into one and also the threat of me dying because I quit to late :( I don't want to miss my kids growing up :( I did end up at the hospital a few weeks ago because I was having extreem dizzyness and had a panic attack when my face and arm started going numb on my left side ( thought for sure I was having a stroke ) well come to find out I had vertigo!!! It can really mess with your body and mind. So from what I have read my horror story may not be over but at least I know now not every ach and pain means I am dying and I can concentrate on getting through this positively and living my best life with my awesome kiddies and hubby :) Good luck to everyone trying to quit and stick with it, it is worth it in the long run :)


This is all normal. I have been quit for 7 months and still have crazy anxiety. All the other symptoms have pretty much subsided. Read the posts in this link and you will see you are not alone. I'm thinking of going on Zoloft  to get my brain fixed :)