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okay me and my girlfriend are both fifteen we've been together for two years now on my fourteenth birthday we had sex(my idea) since then we've been having sex regularly but she said that that's what she wanted.
i cheated on my girlfriend 2 weeks ago and i told her straight away and she said 'how could you do that too me?! and then she said im pregnant!' i thought she was just saying it to stop me from leaving her for the other girl(i wasn't going to anyway) or something.
But she did a 'clear blue' pregnancy test at my house whilst i was there and it came out as 'pregnant 3+' she started crying and saying 'this is all your f******* fault' i managed to get her to calm down and then we spoke about it i asked her how it was my fault and she said 'because i made her have sex with me' i didn't make her do anything! i just bought up the idea of 'birthday sex' and she said 'yeh why not' then it just happened and has been happening for the past year...
she never complained or told me she didnt want to have sex with me but now shes pregnant shes saying that its my fault i just dont see how it is?! :s

anyway i dont know what to do, im trying to act like a 'man' and reassure her that everything will be okay but i dont really know that it will be! 
im not to sure how i feel, i do love her and whatever she chooses to do ill be with her all the way.
i told my mum straight away and she told me to 'fix the situation' i also told her not to tell anyone and she agreed not to.
my girlfriend feels like she cant tell her parents, there Jehovah witness's and they dont believe in sex before marriage.. my girlfriend isnt a Jehovah witness but they still treat her like one:/
i understand that there are a lot of choices we have to make, but come on im a guy i don't know anything about babies or pregnancy or the choices we can make! 
shes already said she doesn't agree on abortion which is kind of telling me that she wants too keep the baby?...
but yeh im not to sure on what to do&how i can help her!


well you are in a deeps**t and iam sorry for  saying it but it would bee best if you truly love her listen to her and yourself dont go on saying you and you its not all fu***** you cuz you started it and now you are part of it so talk to your parents about how your girlfrn feels on baby and its all on your hand we cant tell wot your supposed to do from here