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(I am 13. I started my periods at the begining of the year. They always tend to last around 5 days and I get them roughly around once a month, but they are quite irregular due to the fact I have not had them long.) 

On the 14th I got my period and it lasted 5 days, it was a normal colour and was not heavy but nor was it really light; in other wrods it was a normal period.

But just around a week before I was due my next period I found about 2 tea spoons of blood in my pants, so I though 'ok this must be my period hear a bit early'. But then after that I never got any more blood! So my 'period' didn't even last a day! 

So I thought to my self maybe that was so old blood (even though it didn't look old) and I should ignor it. Because my period was due in about a week.

But i still didn't get my period, and am now 6 days late!

Can somebody please tell me weather that little bit of blood was my period and I'm not due my next for just under a month. Or weather it wasn't, and I'm due my period


As you rightly say, as you have just started menstruating, your periods can be "quite irregular". Not only that, but they can vary, and sometimes not arrive at all.

"On the 14th I got my period and it lasted 5 days" Do you mean 14th June? That would suggest your next period would be 12th July if you have a regular (typical) 28-day cycle. Today is only 15th, and if you are "quite irregular" that would not surprise me.

"around a week before I was due my next period I found about 2 tea spoons of blood in my pants"

  • So what date was that? 4th July?
  • How do you tell "2 tea spoons" of blood?A little blood often looks a lot.

If you are "now 6 days late", that suggests you were expecting your period to arrive 9th July. That would indicate a cycle of just 25 days. You are irregular

  • what is your range of cycles?
  • Would you tell me the dates each of your periods started this year?

It is difficult to say exactly what is happening, but it might be quite normal. It might be awkward waiting and anticipating, but it could be that your small bleed was the time you ovulated, and your period could arrive in a few days.

Apart from the nuisance factor,

  • are there any other concerns you have about this?
  • What is your main worry?
  • Where are you from (country/state/county)?

I hope this helps as a start




Hi thanks for your reply:).

(I am from Leicester, England)

Yes I started my period 14th June morning and it ended 18th June night. So yes my period should have been the 12th July. So I miss counted when I put 6 days late, but I actually meant 4 days.
And when I said a week before, I only meant that roughly, the date was actually the 30th June.
And as for the two tea spoons of blood, it was a puddle in my pants; enough to make me think I had started my period, it wasn't just a spot of blood.

The dates of my period so far this year:
My first ever period started on the 12th of January and lasted until the 19th.
I then didn't have another period until 3rd March that ended on the 8th.
Then I had one 21st of March until the 25th march.
I then had one 7th of April till the 11th April.
Next I had one the 30th April until the 5th may.
Then the 14th June to the 18th June.
Then that random day the 30th June.
^so as you can see for a while I was getting 2 a month! So my periods have never really been regular.

I wouldn't normally be that bothered, and would just wait to see what happens, but I am going to France on the 19th July, this year and have been looking foward to it for ages! And I don't want to be paranoied about not wearing a pad (because I don't wear tampons) and going in the sea. I want to be able to relax and not be constantly worried I'm gonna start!


Looking at your dates you period seems to come about every 2.5 weeks

  1. 03-Mar to 21-Mar = 18 days
  2. 21-Mar to 07-Apr = 17 days
  3. 07-Apr to 30-Apr = 23 days
  4. 30 Apr to 14-Jun = 45days
  5. 14-Jun to 30-Jun = 16 days

Cycle 4 was 6.5 weeks. It may be that you missed a period or two, or maybe had some spotting. So it may be that you will miss another period, and the 30th June was a 'nearly missed' period. However, it could be that a period is due this week. If so, I hope it comes tomorrow, so that is out of the way (say) by Sunday (or maybe earlier).

Is there a reason you are not using tampons? It would be much easier. I understand your concern about your trip to France. (It is forecast to rain all day Saturday and Sunday in Leicester as well as in Paris - where are you going in France?)

There is hormone medication that can delay a period, but I think it would have to be taken now, but you would have to get a prescription from your GP who would advise on the suitabilty of doing this (it may not be advisable as you are not yet established). Have you talked to you mum? Or your local pharmacist is probably quicker to see than a GP!

Do you have any Pre-Menstrual Symptoms at all? Do you sense a period coming?

I hope this helps a bit more.



Hi thankyou for taking the time and effort to reply to my question:).

No there is no reason why I am not using tampons other than the fact that I personally don't feel ready and am too scared (I know that's pathetic).

Also, no I have not spoken to my mum yet, I was waiting to see what happens over the next few days.

And I'm going to Brest in France :)

I don't think I will use hormone medication, if my period happens it happens, I guess.

And no I never really tend to get get pre-mestural symptoms. However I did have a bad headache today that lasted 2-3hours. I'm not sure if this could have anything to do with that?

Thanks again for all you advice, it really has helped!


I am pleased to have helped. 

If you want to talk about using tampons and what scares you about it, feel free (privately if you prefer, but you will have to register and make a post first). Its probably not pathetic - you are not the only one.  

Brest is forecast a thundery shower late afternoon! I hope that changes by the time you get there.

I think it is wise not to go for the hormone medication.

Your headache could possibly indicate your period is due soon.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on period-wise as well as your holiday.

BTW I'm in England also.

Take care




I think once I've had my period for a year or so I will feel more comfortable using a tampon, but if I need any help or advice I will be sure to talk to you. Thanks for the offer.

And at least if I do get my period, if it's thundery, I won't have to worry about going in the sea;).

Thanks again for all your help! It really means a lot to me:)


Pleased to help. Have a good holiday.