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Good day I'm pregnant I'm 16weeks and I have a problem because I'm ny sure who is the father of my bby please help, -16 Dec 2012-had sex with boyfriend n he come in -on 17-20 Dec 2012- had my period -25 Dec 2012 -had sex with a friend with protection n the was no trace of it being broke or anything lik dat -31 Dec 2012 had unprotected sex with another friend but he didn't come I stopped be for. Didn't get my periods for the whole of January 2013 -13 Feb 2013-went to the doctor and I was 7weeks 5days Since then haven't gone for another ultrasound I just wana know wen exctly did I conceive


Hi there, congratulations on the pregnancy.

It's really hard to pin point conception in your case.  Guesses would be the ones at the end of December like the 25th or 31st but that is just a best guess.

You are going to have to DNA testing to find out 100% who the actual father is, fact is it could be any one of the men you had sex with in December.

Good luck and hope this helps