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I was with guy A in December 2012 from around the 14-29 and I had sex on my period then in January 2013 the 14th I had sex with guy B my period still never came from dec.. It was late then come to find out on February 14 I was 7 weeks 4 days pregnant! Now Guy A already has a baby who looks exactly like him she was born jan 2013 and my baby was born July 2013 and they look nothing a like.. I compared pictures and everything and I have court next month with both guys but I'm too impatient! Is there anyway I can find out now, if possible?! NO RUDE COMMENTS



When did your LAST period START?  Once you post that we can help narrow down the possibilities.

Most doctors base dates on yoru LMP so that would mean Guy A is the father.

Appearance means NOTHING.  A DNA test can confirm paternity.

Good luck.