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I am super confused on who could be the father of my unborn child. I had a drunk one night stand Dec. 12th 2012, but we used a condom. Then two days later I got back together with my ex boyfriend, who I had been broken up with 6 months prior. We had sex early morning Dec. 15th 2012, and we did not use protection. I did however go and get Plan B three days later and took it. I have had a ultrasound and they said my due Date is Sept. 7th 2013. If I look up conception dates they say it could be from around Dec. 11th - Dec. 19th. But if I plug in my due date it say's the probable date of ovulation was Dec. 15th 2012. Today I am 12 weeks 4 days via my ultrasound. My question is who is the father it's so close to tell, it's hard. I am hoping it's my boyfriends. Only serious answer's only please!


If the conception was between Dec. 11-19 and you had sex with both of them between that time period there is a possiblity of it being either guy. Its more likely its the ex bf because you did not use protection with him but there is still that chance its the other guys. You dont want both guys in the delivery room so my suggest is to get a dna test before the baby is born. There are two different testing methods which can be done while the baby is still developing in the mother’s womb. One test, called chorionic villus sampling (CVS), is conducted only between 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This test involves testing a small sample of tissue from the placenta. Another test, called amniocentesis, is performed between 15 and 22 weeks of pregnancy. This test involves passing a needle through the mother’s abdomen into the womb to withdraw a small sample of amniotic fluid, which also contains cells from the baby. The collected samples are then forwarded to a laboratory for examination. Although technically possible to confirm paternity with these tests, the risk of miscarriage is generally given as 1% for CVS and 0.5% for amniocentesis. Good Luck and I hope it is the boyfriends.