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I had unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend on november 22 or the 23. I had a period on december 12-16. I turned around and had sex with my current boyfriend like everyday from december 21-26 unprotected. And then again with my ex protected with a condom the beginning of janurary not sure the day. I had three ultrasounds from three different places tell me that my pregnancy measure out from my period on december 12. I never went threw anything like this in my life please help


Hi Tameka,

If your period in December was NORMAL, like your others, it is UNLIKELY that you were pregnant then.  You likely would have ovulated between Dec 23 and 28 so would have been likely to conceive then.  After about Dec. 30 you'd be unlikely to conceive.

Most doctors use the date of your last period in their calculations.  Why?  Because most women know EXACTLY when that is.

Odds favor your boyfriend being the father.  A DNA test can confirm.