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Hello my name is Tiffany

I need help...

There is 2 guys that i had sex with 1 my boyfriend who i had sex with often then there is 2 my x the guy i cheated on my boyfriend with just one time.

my last period was jan 1 2013 and i am sure my boyfriend and i had sex after my period but i cheated jan 13 2013 and im pretty sure my boyfriend n i had sex after i cheated as well jus dont know dates of when. I conceived jan 15th 2013 and i didnt find out i was pregnant until feb 11 2013 and im due oct 8th 2013

who is my babys father 1 my boyfriend or 2 my x


Unfortunately to be 100% sure you are going to have do a DNA test, my daughter was also conceived around that time so I will try to help you but I am sure you will need the DNA test.  My daughters bday is Oct 17 2010 but due date was Oct 9, also conceived around the same time and had my lmp around the same time as well, it was my husband's child and she looks like daddy.

So it could be your bf's or or the guy you slept with on the 13th, you can scratch the other guy off (or am I misreading and was just the one other guy?).  Your egg can survive 2 days in your cervix and sperm 5 days, so that is why it can be either guy or quite strongly the guy on the 13th, with being very fertile and conceiving on the 15th.

I know it sucks to hear and you so want to hear the words that it is your bf's but unfortunately I cannot say that without lying to you as someone else on here would tell you the way it is, I would be the same way.  Do the guys know that either of them could be the father?  How are you doing in the heat?  I hated the heat when I was pregnant in summer, I broke out in heat rashes and eczema which I had never suffered from before pregnancy, but love being a mother.

Congratulations!  And hope this helps somehow.