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What is the difference between Novomix 30 and Novorapid?  I would like to know because I have both of them and I want to know why I have to be on both of them at a time.  It worries me to have to take so many injections of insulin each day.  I don't ant to go into a hypo.  I have had those in the past and it is discouraging come out of a disoriented state and have people hovering over me.  I want to be able to keep myself from having those, you know?  So what is the Novorapid insulin... is it insulin that works fast to eliminate hyperglycemia? And what is the 30 on the Novomix?  It has to mean something, I'm sure.  So if there are any pharmacists or health personnel that can answer my questions, that would be awesome.  I just feel that I should be more informed of what goes into my body and what it does to me.


You should be able to control your blood sugars by the way your doctor has your insulin therapy set up.  The Novomix is given as an insulin injection that has a release that is two-fold.  What I mean is that some of the insulin in Novomix will act quickly and the rest will have a longer-acting response. Novorapid, on the other hand, is used to address high blood sugars immediately. Novorapid is usually given before meals.  This is when it is crucial to make sure you eat something as soon as you inject it, or within 15 minutes.  If you don’t, it is possible that you could start to become hypoglycemic from not having any glucose in your system. As long as you are prepared and you know to eat when you are supposed to, you should be fine on insulin.