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I’m new here and wondered if anyone else is taking novorapid and if so, if they could answer my question. I wondered how long I need to leave between my injections. My GP told me I need to take them just before a meal if possible, but does that mean every meal? What if I have sweets? Or a sugary drink? How long does it last and how will I know if I need another one? I only just started using it and it’s all too confusing for me!


Hi! Hope I can help you out. NovoRapid is a short acting insulin and you’ll be taking it alongside a long acting insulin. For that reason the insulin does need injecting preferably shortly before you eat your meal or alternatively just after. The profile of the insulin is that after injection it the effects of the insulin last for between 3 and 5 hours. Bearing that fact in mind, if you have something to eat within that time frame you shouldn’t need to inject more insulin if you have something else to eat. Also, you should be really careful when eating sugary sweets, if not avoiding them apart from the odd treat – or having a diabetic friendly alternative.

What’s really important as well is that you closely monitor you blood glucose levels – aiming for around 7 times a day depending on your age (but I’m assuming that you are quite young). If you do keep a good eye on you blood glucose it will give you a good idea of whether or not you need any more short acting insulin if you are going to have something to eat. If you closely monitor you insulin levels your glucose control will be better. Either way you will need to spread you injections to coincide with you meals to ensure you’ve got enough insulin.