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My son is having numbness or sometimes just tingling in his hands and lower part of arms. sometimes it happens in his legs and he can't walk. sometimes his tounge goes numb and he can't talk. Usually it is just the hands and arms. He has had a CT, but that is all. He is being told it is "aura" from migraines (which he gets). He usually gets the symptoms without the head pain, but 2 times with head pain.

This started when we moved into a different house and city in February this year. The home is 10 years old, so I thought it would have out-gassed by now. I've pulled the A/C coils out of the house because it was clearly moldy. We've sterilized everything with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. We only use voc-free things for home repair and 7th generation cleaning products for dishes and clothes.

It was suggested that we see a therapist to help with headach aura symptoms, counseling about how to deal with stress. I don't know if it helped anything.


I would love ideas




Hi Rburr,

Since it seems to be related to the house...

You might consider getting an environmental company in to test the air in the house for mold.  While you may have cleaned the coils what about the ducts?  Make sure there are no other problems with the furnace as well. 

Possibly there is a drain problem and gases are backing up into the house as well.  You may not be able to smell these - methane, from a bad drain vent, has no odor. 

There are lots of places that mold can hide, including in walls and the attic.  It could be contributing to his migraines.

Good luck.



Thanks, great ideas. Because of your idea, I have someone from the county calling back next week. Yes, had professionals clean out ducts. I'm worried there might be mold, but I can't see water damage anywhere. Thanks