Manuel Uribe, one the fattest man in the world, who used to weigh a half-ton but has slimmed down to around 700 pounds, celebrated his 43rd birthday with a simple wish for the coming year: to be able to stand alone, on his own two feet, to get married, something he hasn't been able to do in the last six years.
Manuel Uribe who lives in northern Mexico, can do little more than just sit up on a bed, now that he has been dieting for more than two years. The steady diet has helped him to drop about 550 pounds from his Guinness record weight of 1,235 pounds.
He is hoping that the Guinness representatives will be able to confirm in July his second title: the world's greatest loser of weight.
Although he has managed to lose so much weight, he is still unable to walk down the aisle with his fiancée, Claudia Solis. His last attempt to leave the house was unsuccessful. He was planning to attend Solis' 38th birthday party but he fell through when a flatbed tow truck brought to transport his reinforced bed got caught beneath an underpass.
The couple met four years ago and have been together for the last two. Solis's parents were worried about her dating another fat man because her previous husband was also fat and died of respiratory failure. But the couple claims they are in love and that no rumours running around (sure people talk) will prevent them from getting married.
Solis says that Uribe's weight can be a problem sometimes but it's not something they can't come out of. She is proudly showing her ring while talking about their lives.
Uribe birthday party was a low-key dinner with the family.
Uribe talks about his weight problem going out of control after he had moved to the United States back in 1988 and indulged in a nonstop diet of junk food and soft drinks. He underwent a botched liposuction that damaged his lymph nodes and left him with giant tumors on both legs weighing a total of 220 pounds. These tumors are the main reason he is unable to walk. He blames it all on junk food.
Two years ago, a team of doctors decided to help Uribe change his eating habits and tackle his obesity problem. His eating plan includes small portions of food five times a day, including chicken, ham, egg-white omelets, fruit and vegetables. The man also exercises, sitting in bed, exercising his arms with pull-ups and by pedaling with his hands.
In order to inspire and help others with obesity problem, Uribe is planning to launch the Manuel Uribe Foundation this year to educate people about nutrition and to combat obesity, which is a growing problem in Mexico.