I am a 40-year old bipolar non-smoking (quit 4 years ago) male who weighs about 240 lbs. I have been sick with a bad cold recently (lots of coughing and sneezing), and today I have noticed this mild numbness in my left arm and middle finger. I have a bad back with at least one herniated disk in my neck. Could this be causing the numbness considering all the coughing and sneezing that's been going on, or should I be worried about the ticker?

My blood pressure is currently 135/90 and my heart rate is 93 bpm. Those numbers are unusually high for me, but then I am sick (and anxious/paranoid) right now, so I guess that could account for it.

I have had no pain that can't be attributed to sore muscles from having been sick and coughing/sneezing alot. I also normally exercise (though not as regularly as I should!) about 30 minutes at a time and I have never experienced heart pain.