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I am a 24 year old healthy woman. I eat a very healthy, well-balanced diet and I used to work out most days. At the beginning of January I started working nights at my job. It was very hard to adjust to the time schedule, and some of the work was outside in the cold. At the end of January I was outside at night in really cold temperatures, turned to grab the handrail while walking up the stairs, and felt a little yank in my mid back (T6 area). It kind of hurt, but nothing extreme, so I just kept on going on with what I was doing. The next morning I woke and my back was very sore. I tried stretching it and went to work, only to discover it was not something ok—it REALLY hurt. I went to see an occupational health doctor a few days later, who said it must be a muscle pull and I needed physical therapy. So I went to physical therapy three times a week, used heat packs all day, plus IB proufen throughout the day to try to stay active. I got an MRI and x-rays, which all came back fine. It is important to note that I experienced a change in my bowel movements during this time. Some days I would be fine, some days I would have spastic diarrhea (and I apologize for the vivid description). It would be multiple times a day. I thought this was probably related to all the soda I was drinking, gum I was chewing, etc to try to stay awake during the nights I was working, so I just thought it would go away. However, I can’t be certain if this came up after or before the injury that night (I think it may have been before…). On my days off I actually looked forward to working out every day (elliptical/walking—not running) because this released all the muscle pain in my neck/shoulders. I would come home and ice, then get a hot shower, which felt great. Some days it would be better, some days it would hurt really bad. This went on for over month, so I finally decided to see a spine specialist. The day I saw a spine specialist was the day everything else started. The PA examined me by having me bend over and tapping my spine up and down with a rubber mallet. The doctor said I needed a bone scan. I left disappointed with no answers and confused.
That night and the next day I had a lot of pain in my upper back and ribs. I saw my physical therapist who tried to do some work. Nothing helped. I had to get on a flight that afternoon, and during the flight I felt my entire upper body was on fire. I was nauseated and had a severe pain in my ribs and my upper back felt like it was two hundred degrees. After emergency trip visit for liquids (to cure dehydration) and morphine (to kill the pain) I woke up the next day in a new state, unable to return home, with a whole new slew that have been developing ever since.
I started seeing a chiropractor the next day, who took an xray of my spine and could see the rib was mis-aligned at the T-6. He helped realign it over the next few days which greatly decreased the rib pain, but not the back pain. I was constipated for 3 days (from the medication from the hospital) and finally started having normal bowel movements. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for over two weeks now and experienced a myarid of symptoms that will come and go with severity each day:

Right Foot-middle of foot, middle arch—very sore—only help is wearing tennis shoes with arch supports
Right neck very sore—from where chin meet throat, all the way to the collar bone (Arching out)
Right ribs very ore, especially on edges, with muscle soreness radiating to arch below sternum and left ribs
Back pain-starting at the T-6 (like a pinching), with burning/tender muscles around it, all the way up the spine to the neck
Very sore muscles around the collar bone
Horribly sore/stuff left shoulder, left arm muscle sore (back of arm from shoulder to elbow), numbness in left two fingers/lower arm
**NEW TODAY: Numbness tingling down left leg and left foot

The only time I can get relief of any of these symptoms is with icing my back/upper neck. My ribs had been feeling continually better until two days ago—all the sudden I felt exactly like I did when I got off the plane: burning ribs, back, nausea. This was also accompanied by an extreme upset in my bowels. I’m not sure what’s causing what, but obviously they are related. I saw my chiropractor the next day, who said my ribs had become misaligned with my spine again. I have no idea why this is happening. The only thing that provides me relief if icing, but I can’t lie on an ice pack all day. I have doctor’s appointment with a back doctor scheduled for 2.5 weeks away. But I need some answers before then, and this is why I’m writing this—if someone, anyone, could help me find some answers. I don’t know where to turn to determine what in the world is causing all this.


   My Doctor says it is Fibromyalgia;  I have all the same symtoms and more. Some days I can not get out of bed the pain has kept me up all night in my legs,back, head, neck, chest some times it feels like a heart attack but I quit running to the ER because my heart is in perfect shape. I had all the tests done you name it I've had it donel It has been 3 years since my symptoms started and it has just got worse. I am 56 now and have been out of work for a year. It has not helped and I just get worse It is very depressing If I did not still have children at home I would put myself in a nurseing home and let them take care of me untill I die.  I am on medicine to relieve the pain, keep me from being depressed and block the nerve endings in my brain. nothing helps nothing works. I hurt all of the time. When I was young I worked rings around other workers where ever I worked or what ever I did. I was very fit never got over 104lbs even after having 5 children. This is devasting to me not to be able to even get up to go to work the last time I tried I worked for 2 days and could not walk on the 3rd day I had to quit. I am hot I am cold I hurt all over I am constipated I have diarhia I am sick to my stomach can't seen to eat anything and gain weight every week. I feel better venting on this I can not talk to my children they don't deserve this. My oldest knows that I have alot of headaches that is all I tell him that is all he needs to know.

   If any body has any ideas on how to get rid of pain please let me know I have tried,elavil for sleep nobic and methadone for pain now I am on gabapentin it doesn't work any better than all the other drugs my doctor and pain specilists have had me on.