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5 months ago at the end of October my husband started to feel uncomfortable pain in his left upper abdomen. Daily the pain has grown more severe. Even sometimes he can barely breathe and cannot move or even speak because his pain is so great. He has an unusually high pain tolerance level and very strong immune for him to have pain so sharp that makes him like this is TERRIFYING.


Here are his symptoms...

Severe pain in upper left abdomen, also sometimes can feel the pain in the same place in his back.

Complete numbness of left organs, left arm, and left side head. He says when he feels numbness he can only feel his left lung moving as he breathes. He feels like his left lung is nonexistent. Numbness does not extend below his left side torso, it stays in the upper left half of his body.

Sometimes left arm starts to quiver and shake on its own when the pain is getting more intense.

He is losing weight.

He has mentioned having heart pain.

He has said he has indigestion and heart burn.

He use to handle huge meals but now can only eat small portions because he feels full and pain is greater the more he eats. Even the small meals cause him great pain. It's like there is just no room left inside of him to place anything he ingests, including liquids.

I noticed sometimes the pain is greater when he is laying down. I often find him sitting up in bed as apposed to lying down.

Sleep use to help to relieve his symptoms temporarily. But now, his pain is so severe and chronic that he cannot even sleep. Even he has not mentioned the numbness for a little while now, now all he seems to feel is more severe pain everyday. His regular sleeping pattern over the past 5 months is this...he sleeps uncomfortably for 1-2hrs, sometimes only 20-30mins intervals, then he wakes up for long periods of time trying to deal with the pain, then sometimes he will be able to fall back to sleep but he will wake up again, over and over through the night my love has this horrible pattern. He does not sleep enough, and the few moments when he is able to sleep he is uncomfortable and not truly able to rest. His entire life, he has always slept between 8-10hrs a night, always healthy and strong until now. Also his regular schedule is busy and difficult but manageable with his rest however, now that he is not able to rest his daily schedule is not manageable and of course it is not slowing down and of course the hard honest man he is, he still continues with family things, work things, all things despite his health. Which frightens me more and more. He needs rest. He needs rest. HE NEEDS REST.

He has had high blood pressure for some years, but has take medication all these years. Because of his earlier symptoms I thought he could have been developing Coronary Heart Disease however; after these new symptoms have presented themselves so harshly and after his beginning symptoms have worsened, it has become more and more clear that the pain he has is exactly centered on his stomach. Now I fear he could have something else. Something scarier.

He had an abdominal ultrasound this past Monday, on the ultrasound we saw huge black patch over the area of where his spleen, stomach, or pancreas might be. Cyst? Tumor? What does that mean? Doctor said nothing to us about his ultrasound results other than that they will contact us when his ultrasound has been thoroughly examined. We have not gotten the call yet. We must stay strong. 

Our prayer is that it is minor and can be safely, simply, and easily fixed in order to make him healthy.

He is my husband. My life. My sarang. Please help. Can anyone out there give us anything to go on? Any doctors here on this forum? Anyone with the same problems and have been diagnosed or have guiding information to share?



I feel tingling pain on the upper left side of the abdomen,the radiates on the back..sometimes I have shortness of breath when it's attacking me...


He has shortness of breath as well, more chronically, but especially when he is in most pain.
Have you heard anything from your doctor?


It sounds just like an enlarged spleen. I have that problem and am going for an MRI next week. Please have it checked properly because this is something the doctors miss all the time. Your spleen shares the nerve path that goes into your left shoulder, left hip. Pain under ribs like a big charlie horse. There is a lot of good information on the net. I hope this helps...Elaine


Elaine, I have thought of that as well. I heard an enlarged spleen will show up on ultrasound, I pray whatever is wrong they are not going to miss it.

I will search further about enlarged spleens and see what I can find.

Let me know about your MRI, best wishes. I am sorry to hear someone else is suffering as well.

Thanks for helping,

my husband and I.