I tried posting this once before on the neurological board but it posted in cardio instead?  Is there an automated thing here that moves posts to where it thinks it should be?  I'll delete the cardio one if this one sticks.  Because I'm 99% sure it's a neurological problem.


Numbness, tingling on top of right foot and between first two toes. Lasted for about 9 months now.

Pain in same area after partial hysterectomy in December. Pain has subsided since then. (Been about 6 months) Still have numbness and tingling.

Lower back pain. Sit bones hurt when I sit down no matter how soft my cushion is.

Heart rate goes up to 240's while sitting, regardless of whether or not I am crossing my legs.

Sometimes while walking around I get yellow patches and numbness on the bottom of either foot.

Sometimes the fingers on my right hand feel numb.

Dizziness upon standing, and heart rate rapidly decreases back to normal as soon as I get up.

Fainted completely a few days ago upon getting up from sitting on the floor too fast.

Always difficult to raise arms to shoulder level or higher--like they weigh 200 pounds.

Recently lost 50 plus pounds due to loss of appetite on meds. (I had plenty of weight to spare--still not anorexic or anything!)

Meds: Citalopram 40 mg, Focalin 30 mg

Long history of frequent migraines. Autoimmune hearing loss in right ear at age 29. (Nerves died.)

When I get up and TRY to increase my heart rate, by running up and down stairs, etc. it only goes up to the 130's. Sitting still, it goes way higher.

Current age: 38



Last blood test: normal (less than a month ago)

Previous blood test: vitamin deficiencies, elevated liver readings. (6 months ago)

Former heavy drinker. Sober for about 8 or 9 months now.

Stay at home mom but somewhat sedentary since partial hyst. surgery.