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Good day everyone,

Can you plan your kid’s meals according to Uncle Sam diet? As far as I remember, Uncle Sam diet promotes some healthy lifestyle and some healthy way of living as well. I know that, according to this diet program, we need to reduce salt intake in meals of our kids. And, that is all I do know about it.

Did your doctor ever suggested you  put your kid on some diet program? If that happened, was Uncle Sam diet one of the suggestions or not?

What do you think, is it ok for children to follow Uncle Sam diet program?

Tell us your opinion about this topic.

Wish you all the best! 



Why do you want to plan your kid’s meals according to Uncle Sam diet? Please, don’t tell me that they are that overweight that you need to put them on some diet program?

Yes, there is a diet for kids according to Uncle Sam diet program, but I must say that I don’t agree with it for many reasons. Of course, you should know what your kids eat during the day, you need to make sure that they eat health, so you need to cook healthy and trust me, everything is going to be just fine. You don’t need to put them on diet program, you just need to be careful about their food.

Do you agree?

Good luck.




I must say that I don’t agree with you… I still believe that Uncle Sam promotes healthy lifestyle. You can find everywhere that this diet program wants to reduce salt intake for kids, and that is good if you ask me. So, diet doesn’t mean that you need to make some rigorous plan for your kid. Opposite, you have to teach them to eat healthy as much as they can, even if they are in the school.

So, yes, you can plan your kid’s meals according to Uncle Sam diet. It is totally safe, healthy and good.

No reason to be worried.

Good luck! 




I am asking about my neighbor kids. She wants to change their menu, their way of eating. We all know about this Uncle Sam diet and their way of treating the children in this way. I know that they are totally focused on the healthy way of eating and as far as I know, they don’t cut your foods, and they just want you to know what your kids are eating.

I am not for any type of diet for kids, but I think that you really should know what your kids are eating.

Thank you for your opinion.

Have a nice day!