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Hi everyone

So I got my period on the 10th of July. On July 30th, my boyfriend and I were having (idk if it called sex, or dry humping). So my boyfriend didn't have anything on, and I had my underwear on. And he was licking my underwear, so it was wet. And when we were humping, in accident, his thingy "kinda" went in, but my underwear blocked his penis. I don't know if you guys get my point my like my underwear blocked his thingy the entire time.

But then I got freaked out, so I took Next Choice pills 21 hours later.

My period suppose to come either today (August 7th) or tomorrow (August 8th), I have 29, 30 days cycle.

Oh and I took HPT today and it was negative.

Can you guys tell me what are the chances of me getting pregnant...?
I'm very worried..

Oh, and he didn't cum


Hi there
No there is No possible way you can be pregnant even if he did cum the sperm would be damaged through you knickers and would die instantly to get pregnant you need his penis to be in or near you Vagina skin on skin contact

and For your period it is not late yet you period is due the 9th of August


Thanks for your information

But his penis was kinda go inside my vagina and my underwear was wet because of his saliva, that's what im scared about..

What do you think..?


Please, can you guys help me??

I'm only 15


Swettie there was NO sperm that went in to your vagina
to get pregnant you need to have one egg and one sperm to meet to get pregnant
I am 27 year old with 3 children and one on the way

and you were wet from his saliva and his pre cum and or cum got your underwear there is no way they will survive going through your nickers and into your vagina and then work there way up inside (if an did survive they wold have died by the time they get even close enough to your egg if you were ovulation which going by you last period would be theApprox. Ovulation Date
Mon Jul 26, 2010 give and take a day eggs that are released from our body only survive about 24-48 hours so you period should have arrived or about to arrive depending on your cycle

Your period forecast indicates your period should start today!

unless he put his penis inside you while you were in the week of ovulation then you can not get pregnant as once sperm leaves the body unless in the Correct environment die .....